ANASTASIS means a recovery from a debilitating condition; rebirth 

this journey of seeking after a life of healing is the heartbeat of my blog, untidy grace, and it’s a soul-moving discovery that many of you sweet readers have made and begun to walk through. after writing This Holy Becoming last year, I’ve felt the strings of my heart tugging & begun to dream God’s dreams with Him… hoping and praying for a chance to speak with my voice, not just words on a screen, to the hearts of women who feel spiritually displaced, a little lost, looking for clarity and healing and hope.

Anastasis Gathering is that chance. 

this little untidy grace family gathering will follow the same path as This Holy Becoming, walking through the journey of…

Your Original Design // humanity’s blueprint & what our souls are made for
Deconstructing // removing all of the bondage & trauma we carry from our interactions with false representations of Jesus
Toxic Strongholds // identifying the things that have taken up residency & demanded control of our hearts
Life-Giving Strongholds // Jesus as our shalom & defence
Rebuilding // bravely discovering who you really are, on a new & true foundation
The Veil // responding to judgement & condemnation as you walk in your true, rebuilt self
Your Unique Image // living in your newfound freedom and inviting others into the journey